Tuesday, October 9, 2012

13 reason why I love you, son…Little Revelations Day 9

This day 13 years ago I was scared to death and full of unexpected joys and hopes being that this was the very beginning of motherhood.  I had no idea what to do with something with fingers and toes so tiny, skin so soft and a heart so real.

Now it’s 13 years later and as almost everyone says, “It’s gone by so fast, where did the time go so quickly?”  I’m one of them, too.  

I realize he really is a teenager now.  He’s growing up and I can’t put enough bricks on his head to slow him down from getting taller and sometimes I worry that I haven’t put enough wisdom and Truth in his heart, soul and mind…especially because he’ll be more exposed to the scary world out there.



But, I’ll put my trust in Abba, the perfect Parent, to watch over him and protect him…  and to calm my anxious- mama- worries.

These 13 reasons only skim the surface of the reasons I love him…and are what I shared with him today…and praying those words will stay close to him inside…

1.  You have a heart and concern for other people

Your entire life you have.  You are a friend to everyone you meet and even to people you don’t know.  I remember when we were on our trip in Colorado when you were almost 3 and we saw a blind little boy who was not much older than you.  You had so much concern for him and I remember you praying for him that night.  That is just one story of the many times I’ve seen your heart reach out to others.

2.  You share.

You’ve always shared your toys, your food, your time, and your laughter. You share your joy and your faith and your love with your family, friends and even strangers.

3.  You always try your best. 

You’re a go-getter and want to do well.  You try hard.  It isn’t easy for you to give up.  You have determination.  All are strong qualities.

4.   You love to laugh with your mama!

With open mouth wide, head stretched back, and a stitch on your side from laughter. I love that!

5.  You ask lots of questions

I want you to always ask a lot of questions.    Ask me and Dad a lot of questions.  Ask the special adults in your life questions.  Ask God a lot of questions.  Let your questions be silly or serious.  Let you questions be given answers of wisdom, encouragement, truth and love.

6.  You love your mama’s cooking and eat a lot of it.

You always have. You always compliment by eating seconds and thirds and then finishing off dad’s, Libby’s and my meals and crumbs. You’d literally lick the plate if we weren’t trying to teach you table manners. You love my meatballs, enchiladas (that I’m fixing you for dinner tonight), salads and even quiche!


7.  You’re not only a good athlete but even better, a strong teammate and encourager.

I’ve seen you on the field since you were four years old.  Each year you’ve learned new skills and what it’s like to be on a team.  Over the years I’ve so often heard you yelling to your teammates during games, “Good job!  Good kick!  Keep going guys!  Great save! Play hard!”  You keep that up, son.  That makes you a strong athlete on the inside and out.

8.   Even though you’re already at least 5” taller then your mama, you’re still my baby

You’ll always be my firstborn child.  You’ll always be the same little baby boy I held in my arms in the wee hours of the morning watching you sleep. 

9.   You love Jesus.

I hope, as your mom, that I’ve instilled a little bit of God’s enormous love for you, even though it’s almost impossible to comprehend. It brought me joy (and even happy tears) when you gave your life to Christ…at the David Crowder Band concert… and even more when you decided you were ready to be baptized. Those holy moments are priceless and literally being right beside you when you made that decision and walked into that water are some of the most precious gifts to me.

10.  You pray with us.

One of the most special times each day is to be on my knees with you in prayer. It’s been a gift as you’ve gotten older to hear your prayers and how they become more from the depths of your heart.

11.  You are more and more living by God’s Word….strong and courageous.

Your first name is Joshua…and you know taken from Joshua 1:9 - one of my life verse’s that I try to live by, too.  I want you to be reminded of that promise often, and being that it’s part of your name, I pray that’s just another way to remind you.  I’m proud of you for choosing your soccer jersey number to be 19…1:9.

12. …because I see God is using you in many ways that we know, don’t know and don’t know yet.

You are a joy to many people just by your smile, kindness and the choices you’ve made. There are many more decisions and choices you’ll be making in life, especially in the next few years, that will test you and strengthen you. Hold fast to God’s Word and He will continue to use you as a LIGHT to the people in your life.

13.  You are my son. 

I don’t think there’s any perfect words or ways to explain the love a mom has for her son.  It is high, low, deep and wide. It is always growing and never-ending.


Happy 13th Birthday, son!  I love you!


Gratitude for these gifts

#972  surprising Grady with donuts treat for his birthday breakfast


#973  the notes special people in his life wrote him for his “rite of passage” into teenage years.

#974  being the mother of a son

#975  being beside my son when he gave his life to Christ and when he was baptized in the lake.

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful...

    So blessed to be a part of your lives.

    Happy 13th to Grady!