Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Revelations Day 8


More then often we gain little revelations from the words of others.  Sharing these words from Jan Kemp that stood out to me... 

It is an insult to God to waste his creation (YOU)  in self-conscious silence.  You were made to worship, to witness, to enjoy, and to teach.  Your voice, that inner identification that whispers to you what your gifts and passions are, is precious and unique.  Speak up, and keep speaking until you are heard. The first person who needs to listen to your voice with respect is YOU. 

Today I pray that you will do just that.  Don't waste time being a people pleaser...some people are just not pleasable.  

And God has only ever made one of you.  Do you know how valuable you are?”


Counting joys and getting so close…

#270  gift prayed for…the younger generation in this world who need Jesus more than ever these days.

#271  homemade soup on a cold, drizzly autumn night

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