About Me

Welcome to my blog!  What?!  Beth has a blog?!

Never in my dreams would I have ever imagined being  a blogger.   I have a husband whom I know loves me and knows my heart’s desires even though I’m often too stubborn to embrace them.  (And he’s the one who encouraged me to do this blog!)

I’m blessed to stay home with our tween son and almost tween daughter and love every minute of it. I love to take pictures of joys and each photo tells a story.

I love to listen.

I love to hear others’ stories, especially stories from people with white hair and wrinkles, and I even make books for them about their life and faith stories.

I love to throw my head back and laugh loud and hard, love to commune with others, but it may surprise some that I’m more an introvert and need the time to go the holy ground or sacred space (usually in our sunroom or porch) each day to refresh and refocus.

I’m a reflector who loves words…especially words that re-new and I’m in the habit of hunting every day to find and count gifts of gratitude to God.  That gives me resounding hope.

I know I’ve been guilty of idolizing the normalcy of routine and busyness, which the world throws at me every day.   I desire to see daily revelations of God moments in my ordinary days…and write about them.  That is my prayer…

On this journey, I’m learning how I’m somewhere in between…and that is a gift.  I’m in between letting go and letting God, between old familiarity and the new and unknown, between my control and desperate dependence on Jesus.  This space in between scares me to death and unimaginably excites me.

 “Change” and “risk” are NOT my favorite things.  Yet, the opposites of those words, “remain” and “refuge”, are some of my favorite words.  They give me courage and strength.  I know Christ “remains” in me each moment of each day (huge gratitude) and I have “refuge” in that promise.

I’ve felt a nudge to write more over the past couple of years… I’ve journaled for years and kept my thoughts just between God and me.  Literally.  I freeze up when I’m asked to share my thoughts or my story.  I don’t like the thought of risking myself…remember that’s not my favorite word.  And because I don’t like it, I didn’t do it.

Yet, I feel comfort in writing and it has been my refuge.

So, if Christ is my refuge, how can I allow the fear of risk to keep me from risking the joy of sharing what I write?

So, I have this blog to hold me accountable for giving glory to God and I hope my words will bring joy to my One Audience…

…and if God willing, I hope my reflections of God’s goodness and God’s story will help revive your soul.


  1. Just came upon your blog today. My heart leaps for joy and resounds with everything I read in your blogs. I also am keeping a gratitude journal, and it gives me joy to go back and read, and there's also more joy to write. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words...they are really uplifting and when I doubt myself I can come back and read that. Glad you're writing gratitudes too and know they glorify God too! Blessings to you!