Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Little Revelations Day 3

There’s many good reasons to journal…

And some are to be able to go back and read over them as reminders and to see how God has used that situation since then, or even to point out…have I held up my responsibility…have I obeyed?

Today I went back and read what I wrote March 11, 2011 while studying on Revelation chapter 1…

“ ‘I need to be more aware of a fresh start. I need to take to heart what the Lord is going to teach me. I need to strive to have Jesus be the All in All in my life. When I do, I trust God will show and tell me where to serve and how I’ll be able to see Jesus in my daily life.

I need to take more time journaling and writing the times when I hear the Lord speaking to me. Listen for His voice…pay attention.  God is serious about His Word and almighty power and judgment. I need to be aware of the times when I’m on holy ground in His presence.

Lord, reveal to me when I’m on holy ground today.’

I’m listening and waiting.

Well, after I wrote those responses, I began to pray and it was like the sound and feeling of rushing waters (“His Voice was like the sound of rushing waters.”  Revelation 1:15)…answering my request to reveal to me when I’m on holy ground.  Well I didn’t mean specifically ‘today’, but...

Then I felt I clearly heard God say, ‘Trust Me…keep writing…trust Me and I’ll tell you the words to write…pay attention…listen for my voice…Trust me.” Over and over. It was almost scary.  I saw the connection with all the responses I had just written over the past couple of days in this study of Revelations.  Take God and His Word seriously. Trust. Write. Trust. God’s teaching me as I start this fresh vision.

I don’t want to get off that mountain. There’s a song I like called “The High Country” and it’s actually based on the book The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. Part of the chorus goes, ‘We fall to pieces…in the high country” Well that’s where I was and that’s what I did.”

It was a fresh vision then, and a “keep it going” now. (even though it took a year to get started and this revelation had already been forgotten).  So thankful and humbled for reminders.  



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(photos from Pilot Mountain, NC)

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  1. God always gives us a story when we listen and sometimes even when we don't. I'm enjoying your series.
    My series is I Wear Pink #228. Stop on by.