Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moment of tranquility on a busy day Little Revelations Day 16

I’m still thinking of the feeling of home…even though I’ve got so many other things racing through my mind that needs to be done today.

I’m remembering and wishing I could be back to a place where I felt so much in awe and wonder and being surrounded by Beauty and magnificence.

My husband and I went on a long needed trip just the two of us back in 2006.  Where has time gone?  It really didn’t seem that long ago.   We drove up the west coast from Los Angelo, CA to Seattle, WA.   It was one of our best trips.

One of our stops was in Portland, Oregon and we found our way to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, along the Historic Columbia River, right outside of Troutdale, Oregon.

I’ve always enjoyed going to National parks but wishing I could stay at them longer than a day.  Even though we were being more spontaneous (which for us Type A people that we are was not usual!)  and just driving until we got tired, we still had to be in Seattle by a certain day.

That day we chose to follow the trail that led to some of the waterfalls in the gorge. It looked as if the sky would open any minute with pouring rain but we took the risk and parked at our first stop and got out of our car praying it wouldn’t rain.


The first waterfall we stopped to see came with a little hike.  As we walked, I remember seeing different hues of green in the ivy, plants and mossy rocks. Even though the clouds were gray, those colors were radiant. I remember hearing the birds singing and the water babbling over and through the soft stones and rough rocks. Ferns and lush foliage surrounded us.


I heard in the distance a quiet rushing of water getting louder every step, giving me the anticipation of what I would see.  Through the branches we could begin to see the waterfall.  We hiked up a rather steep hill and some of the rocks were slippery due to the mist in the air coming from the waterfall and creek.   I was slipping into an artistry of God.


Then we turned the corner and there it was…turning the corner into the unknown with anticipation.

I stood looking at it in awe. It took my breath away.  A picture couldn’t do it justice.


The sound of the water cascading over the ledge of the gorge was exhilarating and tranquil at the same time.  Mist fell over me like a cloak of peace.  Breathe deep.  All I could think of was, “This is what it’s going to be like in heaven…at home”.

The waterfall was powerful. I was in radical amazement. I was in silent wonder as I felt tears well up like water drops from the cascade.   Something moving caught my eye.  It was a man walking through the foliage to experience what it was like under that waterfall.  From where we were standing he looked like the size of a bug beside it.   


He looked small. (see him in the photo above?) 

I felt small.  I felt so small in the Creator’s vast masterpiece.  I felt small with thankfulness for this gift to see.  I felt small because God’s grace is enormous…small because His love is immense.

I felt like I was on holy ground.  It felt like a glimpse of heaven revealed.


Thankful for:

#991  memories of revelations

#992  the feeling of anticipation but not quite sure why

#993  making chicken pie


31 days

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