Monday, October 15, 2012

Where is your home? Little Revelations Day 15

On this dreary, rainy day I’m thankful for the warmth of home. 

Home is where you wear your slippers, pull warm linens out of the dryer, hold a warm drink in your hands and snuggy under a fuzzy blanket with your daughter on the couch.


Home is where you can do your chores with your hair looking crazy after getting out of bed in the morning, where you show your true self…inside and out.

Home is comfort.  Home is a refuge.


Being at home today is made to be a place of rest, a place for restoration physically, emotionally and spiritually, and home is to be a refuge from being stretched in all directions.

That’s how God created us… needing that; needing a place, a home for retreat.

On earth, “home” to us can be different things to different people. For some, home is when you’re with your family recreating by playing games, travelling or eating dinner together. Some people find a feeling of home when hiking in God’s natural creation or spending time at the beach. Others feel home when they go to visit their aging parents in the home they grew up in most of their life.

The feeling of home can be when you are alone in your house curled up on the couch with the fireplace lit reading a book. One of my favorite feelings of home is when I’m on our screened-in porch, resting in the lounge chair, on a warm day, listening to the birds sing melodies, enjoying the greenness of leaves on the trees and just soaking in the warmth  as I journal to God.

Where do you feel most home?

The way we know home today is just a glimpse of what our true home will be in heaven.   Some day our bona fide home with be revealed.

Until then, I’m so thankful for our home of refuge.  And I’m OK that it’s filled with a thin layer of dust, a little bit of clutter, crumbs on the table, laughter, music, clanking of utensils on the dinner plates and stories. 





#987  a place to call home

#988  the promise of Promised Land

#989  re-reading cards family and friends have given me

#990  re-reading God’s promises in His Word


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