Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Light of Revelation - Daily Revelations Day 10



Early this morning the sun was climbing up bright and radiant.  The yellow-green and red-yellow leaves were resplendent.  I could see the sun’s rays touching them and warming them up on this brisk morning.  

He whispered… “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”   John 8:12

Within the next hour, praying with a group of women, the first words she said were, “God, You are the Light of the world.  Shine your light on us and through us…”

Then this afternoon on the way home from getting the kids at school, as we talked about homework assignments, the band festival and trying to play a new instrument – the French horn- we looked out the window to see a  show displaying sun rays descending through the growing and and expanding dark clouds.

It looked almost as if there was a stairway to heaven (Genesis 28:12)



Jesus’ light was catching my attention all day today.   Was it for me to look up?  To slow down?  To be quiet?  To be in awe and give Him the glory?  To put light in the dark crevasses?   To make me stop and thank Him?  To reflect on His radiance?

Probably all of those reasons and more.

Jesus came to earth to be alight of revelation” (Luke 2:32).  

Jesus, Light of Revelation, shine bright…shine bright.


31 days


#976  Jesus revealing to me that He is the Light of Revelation

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