Sunday, October 21, 2012

The end is just the beginning Little Revelations Day 22


I feel joy-full because of the joy I’ve had as I’ve counted 1000 gifts.  I feel grace-full because of the blessings God has given.  I am prayer-full for HIS will.  I feel wonder-full because of HIS devotion and patience and holiness…I’m filled with the wonder of what comes next.  


I’m also getting my hand-full.  My hands cup and open-wide, holding hope, holding dreams, holding tight to HIS promises and HIS Story.   I hope that God can use some of my story to give HIM the glory…

So…I’m changing my blog name.  Now that I reached my original goal when I started recording my joys on this blog (counting 1000 joys), I have the feeling to continue…a new venture with a new name.

Simply Remind Me 

In a busy life as a mom and wife, I simply need constant reminders.  Reminders if it’s a to-do list or even more reminders of God’s promises.  And I pray if you read my posts, it will also simply remind you as well.

If you want to follow me over to my new blog, here’s the address:

You can like me on facebook or follow me on Twitter:  @simplyremindme

Thanking you and giving HIM the glory…


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