Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Revelations Day 7


It was absolutely pouring this morning as we were all getting ourselves ready to go to church. 

Yesterday day it was warm and sunny and I got sun-burned.

Today was a different story.  It was one of those very yucky, cold and rainy days.  We were wearing our winter coats and gloves.

Every day is a different story.

We are the authors of our stories.  The decisions we make become the plot and setting and characters in our story.

At the same time, we can also be an unexpected character whom God  (being that He is the Author) can literally plop us into someone else’s story or sneak us in as undercover…each day.

Hearing the message today from our pastor ironically was based on the Scripture I’ve been studying the past few weeks…of all things…the book of Judges that I’ve mentioned not too long ago.

Judges 2:10  “When that whole generation had passed away, another generation came after them who didn’t know the LORD or the things that he had done for Israel.” 

They didn’t know the LORD because the generation before them didn’t teach and instill and love on them like God instructed them to do.

That didn’t apply just to the people who lived 3500 years ago.  It’s vitally important now to live by and learn from that Truth.

It’s so easy to become complacent to the corrupt world’s normalcy, or to criticize the choices the younger generation makes and just sit on your comfy chair with your arms crossed in front of you.

The younger generation won’t know the LORD if our generation isn’t teaching and instilling and loving on them like God instructs us to do.

I think back in my story and I’m sure there’s been times I’ve lived with my arms crossed and folded in front of me…

I’ve probably told myself, “I’m thankful that God has blessed me with the gift of loving to love on the older generation…” and therefore I haven’t made as much an effort to form relationships with the younger generation like I could’ve.  Both are so very valuable and essential. 

Why not take from the wisdom I hear from the older generation and instead of bottling it up and keeping it to myself, give it to the younger generation…not only my children but their friends as well.

Those with more age have so much wisdom from their story and needs to pass it on to the younger people who need SOMEONE to give it to them.  LORD, please use me to be a bridge in between that gap!

I realize and admit I’ve been slack on my job (or gift) and been moving slow in the direction You were leading me to a few years ago, lately, LORD.  I’m realizing and seeing more and more each day how our children and their generation desperately need Jesus in this world now more than ever.


31 days

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  1. I'm visiting from Ann's. What an important "little revelation" this is!